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Ronnie Larsen is an actor-director-playwright-producer whose work has been seen in most major cities in America. He wrote his first play in 1994 and his first musical in 2018. Twenty-four of his shows have been produced, five Off-Broadway in New York City. His plays have been seen in Canada, Australia, Italy and he's had five different productions in London.  He has also made a documentary that had theatrical runs at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle 5 in Los Angeles as well as showings at numerous film festivals in America, England and the Berlin Film Festival. He currently divides his time between Florida, Los Angeles, New York and Mexico. He is always in search of new and interesting adventures and opportunities. He and his husband, Melqui, have been married for ten years and have a dog named Benakee. 

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by Ronnie Larsen

They come, they go. In and out. Men of all ages, races and body types and sexual orientations. Relaxing. Drying off. Cruising. Touching. It's not legal to have sex in this particular sauna. Not in this one. But does that stop them? This is just a sauna in an ordinary gym but when you get a bunch of horny naked men squeezed together in a tight, hot and sweaty box, well things are bound to happen, right? But be careful. A guy was arrested here last week. But isn't that part of the excitement? The danger? And who wants to play and who just wants to be left alone isn't always clear at first. So be careful. But come on in. It's clothing optional.

Nov 19th - Dec 12th

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Joe Posa, Award Winning actor and celebrity impersonator and Joan’s FAVORITE Joan impersonator,  brilliantly recreates the comedy legend’s look, mannerisms and signature frenetic energy.  You’ll laugh so hard you’ll swear Joan is back for one last performance.

Seeing is believing!  After sold out shows worldwide, we are thrilled to present this “very-naughty-but-SO-much-fun” evening at The Foundry!.

November 28th & December 19th - 7pm

Robert Leleux is back at it but this time, he is creating some "Double Trouble!" A 90 minute play with songs from some of your favorites! This show will star Miss Bouvèé and Jennifer McClain as sisters! The production is produced by Ronnie Larsen in association with Plays Of Wilton.


Twin sisters Mimi and Minnie Bouvèé haven’t spoken in decades! After years of success in show business as kids, one of them left to get married and the other to pursue the spotlight alone. The death of their overbearing and controlling stage mother has caused the two to reunite at long last! As the funeral events unfold, a trip down memory lane results in laughter, show stopping songs, and the spark of sizzling sisterhood! Double the dose of fun, double the belting, double the fabulousness; Double Trouble!

Script by Robert Leleux. Wigs by Dan Gagnon. Costumes by Tristan Xavier.

December 16 Thru January 6th


A fun evening where two artists will display their nude art work, discuss the work and then introduce the model. The audience will then sketch the model and prizes will be given based on the drawings: Best, Funniest, Sexiest, Most Needs Improvement. Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served and It's going to be a very fun, funny and sexy night! Join as we celebrate the nude male body and the art of making art.

December 8th & December 15th

at The Foundry

Filthy trivia questions with Chris Caputo, TruckStop Sally

and our hot-hunky-naked co-host, Travis Segal,

Prizes for the winners!

December 18th • 8:00pm

Wilton Theater Factory
The Foundry
2306 N. Dixie Highway.
Ft. Lauderdale, 33305


Christmas this year!

Put a

in your

We just booked our POW! Christmas Party at Bona Italian Restaurant! Dec. 20th. 6pm-10pm. Mrs. Claus aka Jennifer McClain will be doing a few songs from 6pm-7pm and you can sit on Naughty Santa's lap all night. Gonna be a great night with celebrity waiters, sexy elves and stay tuned for more entertainment to be announced! A percentage of every meal purchase goes toward Plays Of Wilton so bring your appetite. Thank you, Glen Weinzimer and Bona for all you do for our community! Can't wait! Mark your calendars! Also anytime you eat at Bona just say POW or The Foundry and 10 percent of your check goes to POW! Anytime. I'm eating there tonight at 6:00pm and I'm looking forward to saying POW!


Call Bona for reservations


A new musical by Ronnie Larsen, set in 1920s New York. A time when engaging in homosexual activity could get you arrested, beaten, even killed. Despite the dangers, gay men found areas where they could meet for clandestine trysts. Most settled for fleeting physical gratification. But some wanted more. Some longed for affection. Jacob just wanted to be kissed... by another man. See this high energy, light hearted, yet poignant new musical filled with music from the Roaring 20s and frolicsome tap dancing. Think Eddie Cantor meets Fred Astaire in Central Park.

"I wrote this piece as a reminder that our newly found rights and freedoms cannot be taken for granted” says author Larsen, "The things our main character wants is what we all want. He was just way ahead of his time. There are 12 vintage songs in this musical. Tap, soft-shoe and vaudevillian numbers bring this heartwarming show to life.”

January 28th - February 20th

at The Foundry

Ronnie Larsen TV

Presented in association with StreamAlly

Producer - Chris Caputo


In The Pipeline

Wilton Manors, FL


Wilton Manors, FL


Wilton Manors, FL


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