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You meet the love of your life, fight for the right to get married, finally tie the knot and then it's happily ever after, right? A Gay Marriage charts what happens to a gay couple in their 30s after the honeymoon. You'll see parental meddling, power struggles, anger issues and love in the face of adversity. 

Royalties, Licensing

and Co-Productions



3 Men

2 Women

90 minutes


Diversionary Theatre

San Diego, CA



"The entire cast is fully engaged, work beautifully as an ensemble and the chemistry brings it home. The intimate scenes between Jack and Brian are heartfelt and the repartee between Morty and Eileen is authentic and credible as are the bonds between family members. It's a great way to appraise your marriage/relationships." --Carol Davis

"A Gay Marriage is incisive and insightful, providing wisdom and truth as enacted by this fine, committed and impressive ensemble."  --Charle Baldridge


"Larsen has a good feel for recognizable and engaging characters..." --Jean Lowerison

Tom Vegh, Founder of Diversionary Theatre, San Diego

"Sunday evening I saw the prem of Ronnnie Larsen’s "A Gay Marriage" at Diversionary Theatre. Mr. Larsen has his ring finger on the pulse of our changing lives. He embraces his community with this comedy and we return the favor. The cast plays the show for sincerity and solid laughs. It’s a perfect date night show or for those who have never been to the theatre. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention J. Marcus Newman (formerly Nonnie Vishner). Marcus was in the inaugural Diversionary production of Lunch & Dessert in 1986. He brings a gentle world-weary performance to the “straight man” father. He gives A Gay Marriage its moral and comic compass. It is a special joy to see his performance amongst this ensemble work: "


 "It's nice to have playwright, Ronnie Larsen back again. I saw his plays at the Zephyr Theatre in WeHo in the 90's, as well as the Theatre Rhino in San Francisco and always enjoyed them. This one was a bit tamer then his old shows, but surprising as I did not know which way the story was going to go. My other three guests enjoyed as well. I'm glad they staged this during San Diego Pride as it was a nice night out for me and my partner (both from OC) and two friends who live in San Diego."

"One of the best and original plays I've ever seen. The story is a good one, what can happened after the wedding of two guys when one is still immature for a relationship. Is very fast paced and the characters are very interesting. Very good play." 

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