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I interviewd gay men in New York City about their sex lives and edited it in to a play.

Royalties, Licensing

and Co-Productions


Cast 9 men

  • ALLEN, 21 and HIV positive

  • BRIAN, a jock from a conservative family

  • FRANK, sees himself as an outsider

  • GABRIEL, recovering drug addict

  • INTERVIEWER, asks all the questions

  • JOE, young guy obsessed with sex

  • MICHAEL, a married Jewish man struggling with his sexuality

  • PATRICK, academic with a PHD

  • STEPHEN, a carefree young man


90 minutes


> Venue 9

   San Francisco

> Los Angeles



"A Few Gay Men" is reminiscent of the techniques of Anna Deavere Smith as filtered through the lens of Moises Kaufman ("The Laramie Project"). It explores some tough questions -- about AIDS, safe sex, gay misogyny, religious intolerance and a bracing variety of sexual practices -- with fascinating frankness.” 



"Writer and director Ronnie Larsen likes to talk about sex. No shock if you're familiar with his "All-Male Peep Show" or "Making Porn." While in New York, he placed an ad in search of men to talk about sex and found 100 eager participants. These interviews are the basis of Larsen's new show, "A Few Gay Men"...The material is by turns intriguing, erotically charged and poignant. This isn't a show for the timid or homophobic. And if you're looking for gratuitous nudity, this isn't for you either. Sex acts are simulated, and a few shirts are doffed, but the men remained clothed--it's their sexual souls that are naked.



Somehow, Larsen got many in the audience to admit they had spent time in jail, and of the few women in the house, one confessed she had recently fellated her boyfriend. All of which lead into writer-director Larsen’s staged docudrama based on interviews with NYC gay men....and behind all the hot talk and posturing emerges a savage loneliness and yearning for connectedness that alternates between piquancy and poignancy." 



"It's heartening to see Larsen spreading his wings so felicitously. In its finest moments, his labor of love lifts up and soars."citously. In its finest moments, his labor of love lifts up and soars."

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