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The Workshop production of "The Devil in Melania"



Donald is in a coma with the coronavirus, they say he's brain dead but Melania isn't convinced. It's up to her to pull the plug but even though her life with the Devil has not been easy, she's not sure she can do it alone so she asks the audience to vote and if they vote yes an audience member is invited on stage to help Melania end her husband's life by pulling the plug.

Royalties, Licensing

and Co-Productions





80 Minutes

  > Wilton Theater Factory

     Wilton Manors 2020






Melania was great — a thought-provoking journey into the mind of Melania!  Well written, starring one of our favorite actresses. A real tour de force. A great night of theatre in a COVID-safe setting.”

Scott Clearwater


“Hello Ronnie, My husband Charles Baran (lead in the play Aunt Jack) and I just moved to Pompano Beach. We saw your show yesterday.  OMG - loved it so much.  It was so theatrical and conceptually  brilliant.  This is the 1st theater we have seen since the world turned upside down.  Bravo a hundred times to you and I look forward to seeing more of your work.”  Kirk Bookman



“Ronnie Larsen in the role he was born to play. Special appearance by Barron! Thought provoking, sad, maddening and as always funny!! Great show!”

Mark Lopez



“A Ronnie Larsen triumph that is so current, the script changes a bit for each performance.  This political satire explores the current antics in the Whitehouse.  Ronnie Larsen campy impersonation of Melania Trump is sensational.”

Glenn Rogers 



“That was SO much fun, I was chosen to be one of the audience members to pull the cord,  killing trump. He is Hitler reincarnated, no one cries for Hitler. A fun and thought provoking play by Ronnie Larsen, “The Devil in Melania”. 

Ron Spradlin 



“Saw this show last night. Brilliant & Funny.  A MUST SEE!” 

Stephen Anthony 


“Ronnie Larsen is effing brilliant! 🤩 The Devil in Melania is a witty, biting, thoroughly entertaining, one woman show staring Ronnie in the title role. Highly recommended! The show is selling out. So get your tickets now.” Bill Cox



“Ronnie Larsen, Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening show. You're AMAZING as the one woman show MELANIA. Good laughs and some seriousness, thought provoking entertainment. Thanks!” 

Alan Stark



“I loved the show! Of course it was really funny, but I liked the ideas you raised as well and I can’t tell you how great it felt to experience live theatre again. You’re a hoot. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Carol Caselle


“An upbeat, thoughtful, and reflective Melania Trump?  You bet!  Ronnie Larsen’s The Devil in Melania is a deep and insightful look into the First Lady’s delirious thoughts while enmeshed in a truly quirky predicament. The laughs and lows are just right and involve the audience in a madcap tale of woe and “Whoa!”

Joel Carr

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