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Letters to a Gay Black Boy takes an in-depth look into the development of Terry DeWayne Dyer and brings it to life. From the first to the last letter, he shares his journey with the world. The struggle with finding ourselves can be daunting and challenging. He gives us an authentic, raw, and emotional look into his life. Motivated by homosexuality, race, family, and love, his first book provides an inspiring conversation with our community.


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"The title alone in all it's simplicity, is the first notion that an interesting journey was being laid out in front of me and grabbing hold to a literal seatbelt was truly in order.

From the first page you are inviting into the passenger seat of a rollercoaster ride called "Terry's World". Like most rides in an amusement park, things start off slow and steady giving you glimpses of life events as he recalls them. There are twist and turns, ups and downs, high points and low points, all meet with a verbal and visual flair that will have to mentally and emotionally attached to the Author. From letter to letter, more is revealed of our ride conductor and by the conclusion you feel as his journey is now your own. No matter your Race, Age, Gender, Identity or Expression, "Letters To A Gay Black Boy" leaves you with something to connect and compare our own personal life's journey to Terry's. Great job on such an inspirational and aspirational work of art!"


"Terry Dyar's "Letters to a Gay Black Boy" is an open, honest, and riveting story of a personal journey of life which includes many obstacles. Although I am not African American, I certainly can identify with the struggle having grown up as a gay latino man with HIV. As a 31 year survivor of HIV/AIDS, I feel inspired Terry's courage to come out publicly about his status. His journey will surely help others and I highly recommend that you take this journey with him. The progression from victim to survivor to ultimately thriving is proof positive that he has had a life well lived!"
Enrique Menendez
Actor, Standardized patient, HIV/AIDS activist


"Terry Dyer does a wonderful job of taking you into his life and see the journey that took place to get him to where he is now. He is honest and doesn't hold back on thoughts or feelings he may have been experiencing during his life. These type of stories are important to put out there so that others can learn and not feel so alone. I admire his ability to put it all out there for the world to read. Very Brave!!!"


"Though I come from a different background, different race and different culture, this book touched me very deep. Regardless of your personal circumstances, growing up gay is never easy.
I devoured the book feeling all warm inside and at moments felt I was reading about my own life experiences. I really recommend it!"


"Such a beautifully human testimony! A profound story that I truly believe can bring inspiration and hope to others! Good read! Peace and blessings to you Terry!"


"The minute I started to read the book, I was glued to it and was not able to let it go. Terry describes his personal accounts in details with strong emotions. This book gave me hope. Reading what Terry went through from a child to an adult speaks volumes. It just shows you that perseverance and commitment can change your life. The same way Terry did. AWESOME STORY!"

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