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Openly gay Shelly and his openly gay son Michael share an apartment in Wilton Manors and everything is very peaceful until they both fall for the same guy and things get complicated. 3 Card Stud is a joyful reminder that you're never too old or too young to fall in love.

This extremey silly and sexy comedy set in Wilton Manors evolves around 3 aging gay friends who wind up in a complicated love triangle with a very attractive young man. 

Royalties, Licensing

and Co-Productions



4 actors: 4 men

1 young man

3 elderly men

90 minutes


Wilton Theater Factory

The Foundry
Wilton Manors, FL 2018



By JW Arnold

Love Conquers Generational Divides In New Comedy

What could possibly happen when a father and son are both attracted to the same guy?

A new comedy, “3 Card Stud,” by prolific playwright Ronnie Larsen and opening this weekend at the Foundry at Wilton Theater Factory, imagines what happens when they compete for the affections of a much younger man.

“I know this has to have happened before, especially in Wilton Manors, where anything is literally possible,” said Larsen, who also directs. “This play features a sort of contemporary ‘Odd Couple’ that could only happen in South Florida, and I don't think Neil Simon would approve."

Senior citizen Shelly (David Langler) and his middle-aged son Michael (Chad Tyler) peacefully coexist in their cramped apartment—until Michael hooks up with Richard (Mikhail Duggan) on Grindr and their comfortable relationship quickly gets complicated. 

The cast also includes George Wentzler and D.V. Carr as Shelly’s outspoken poker buddies. Larsen describes the trio as “hilarious male versions of the Golden Girls” who first meet Richard as he exits Michael’s bedroom following the encounter. Witty one-liners from the seniors soon evolve into deep thoughts as the men develop a connection with Richard.

“I think we’ve seen these kinds of stories play out plenty of times on Lifetime TV with mothers and daughters competing for the same man, but we’ve never seen a gay father and son in this situation,” said Larsen, who also wrote the Off Broadway hit “Making Porn.” "I also hope the play is a joyful reminder that you're never too old or too young to fall in love—and I’m not revealing who eventually gets the boy!"

While he’s tight-lipped with that spoiler, Larsen is confident “3 Card Stud” is one of the funniest plays he’s written of the more than 30 shows he’s written or produced over the past 25 years.

“I’d have to say ‘3 Card Stud’ is a royal flush,” he promised, “at least when it comes to laughs.”



"Very funny dialogue by funny actors."



"Great performance and very interesting playwriting


"Ronnie Larsen did it again. He puts older gay men in perspective in this funny play. Yes, there is nudity but the play is mostly about how older men sometimes get treated. 3 friends, a young stud and a jealous son makes it delightful. See it for yourself. You may recognize yourself in it."


"3 Card Stud goes against the ageist grain and defies the saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. These studs embrace the opportunity to expand their horizons and are not about to roll over and play dead. A howling success. It gives "Coming of Age" a whole new delightful meaning."


"The play was cleverly staged and the actors were perfect in their roles. ... Taking place in wilton manors was enjoyable with all the references to the area. Keep up the great work Ronnie .Your are an asset to our community."


"Well done, Bravo!"

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