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A gay Democrat and a straight Republican go to war, leaving one in jail and the other in a coffin. 



From Boca Magazine

“As an audience member, when your blood isn’t boiling, your heart is aching.”


“If I’m Good,” Ronnie Larsen’s scorched-earth two-character drama that opened last weekend at the Wilton Theatre Factory. A discomfiting dispatch from the dark heart of the American divide, Larsen’s world premiere feels like a time-capsule chronicle of the national dumpster fire that is 2020, a bitter cocktail of coronavirus and culture war that isn’t meant to go down smoothly. Larsen penned his script, with its elliptical but devastating plot turns, during a burst of inspiration during the spring lockdown, and it has all of the naked rawness of an open wound. It’s a book borne of the zeitgeist, with its references to “Tiger King” and haircut protests, to ventilator shortages and combustible social-media missives.

If I'm Good by Ronnie Larsen - Official Script


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