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Sex and Violence, by Ronnie Larsen, is a play inspired by the real life story of a New York transsexual who kept a corpse in her closet for 20 years. Jack Shepard, a successful writer, goes against the wishes of his publisher and begins to research the "corpse" story for a possible book. His journey takes him places he never thought he'd go and the closer he gets to finishing his book the closer he comes to losing his life.


Six different people; a power-mad publisher, his headstrong wife, a New York street thug, two tough-as-nails transsexuals and a writer looking for his next best-seller all come together in one story but only one of them actually lives to write the book. What begins as a simple story about a writer looking for his next subject evolves in to a twisted tale of greed, power, love and lust ending in a shocking and bloody climax that involves body parts, a chainsaw, and garbage bags dripping with blood

Sex and Violence - Official Script


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