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Discounted Vouchers


For our loyal supporters, we offer these vouchers at a discounted price. The discount percent increases the larger the voucher is. These vouchers are good toward the purchase of tickets to any show produced by Ronnie Larsen Presents at The FoundryUnlike our previous Flexpasses, these vouchers will allow you to book your tickets yourself. They also make excellent gifts for your friends.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with your voucher code. The voucher may be used on multiple orders until the total voucher value is reached, like a pre-paid debit card. Do not lose or share this code or you may lose some or all of its value.



Purchase your tickets at as you normally would. When checking out, click on “Do you have a promo code” above your name and the box to enter your code will open up. Enter your voucher code and click "Apply". The voucher will be deducted from your purchase total. The voucher can be used multiple times, like a pre-paid debit card, until the full value is used up.

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