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A Few Gay Men Production History


There is currently no video but the San Francisco AIDS Foundation made a video of the show and edited it together and I never actually saw it but I was very flattered that they did it. I'd heard they were gonna use it as part of an AIDS prevention program because the script deals with safe sex and choices and risks and drugs...all those topics people aren't always honest about.

Actor History:


  • Leon Acord played Patrick

  • Brian Benston played Brian

  • P.A. Cooley played Michael

  • John Fisher played the Narrator

  • Jeffrey Hartgraves played Frank

  • Alan Quismorio played Allen

  • Octavio Saez de Ibarra played Gabriel

  • Jared Scott played Joe

  • Aaron Wimmer played Stephen

(cast went through changes and the role of Gabriel was cut)

  • Seth Cutler played Michael

  • Michael Haboush played Stephen

  • Dean Howell played Brian

  • Michael Kearns played Patrick

  • Ronnie Larsen played Michael

  • Ronnie Larsen played the Narrator

  • Gabriel Macen played Allen

  • Gabriel Macen played Joe

  • Colin Martin played the Narrator

  • Colin Martin played Joe

  • Carlos Moreno Jr. played Allen

  • Jonathan Mundale played Frank

  • Corey Schaffer played Stephen

  • Will Willoughby played Gabriel

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