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A dark comedy for dark times tells the story of a straight Republican and a gay Democrat who go to war with each other resulting with one in jail and the other in a coffin.

Royalties, Licensing

and Co-Productions



1 Male

1 Female

90 Minutes


Wilton Theater Factory

Wilton Manors, FL  2020


“As an audience member, when your blood isn’t boiling, your heart is aching.” John Thomason, Boca Magazin


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IF I'M GOOD... A new Ronnie Larsen play... 

Excellent show which speaks to the division in our country. The dialogue really resonated and made me a bit uncomfortable. 

Don't wanna reveal the story line but it is most definitely worth checking out!!

And safely done. Properly distanced and masked.

Great evening. Thanks Ronnie!!


Mark Lopez




Ronnie Larsen has reopened The Foundry with many social distancing features in place. I felt very safe at the second show I've attended since re-opening.

This new work by Ronnie is a powerful piece about two people from opposite sides of the political divide who are thrown together in tragic circumstances. I think Ronnie brings an interesting perspective between how they see each other vs. how they see themselves.

Bill Cox




We wanted to share our experience upon returning to the Foundry to see Ronnie Larson's new piece, "If I'm Good". We had not realized just how much we had missed spending an evening enjoying the amazing work that Ronnie creates.  


As far a safety was concerned, Ronnie and his team of volunteers made for a very safe experience. Upon entering the theater, our temperatures were measured, we were required to be masked, and we were provided access to hand sanitizer and kindly requested to sanitize our hands prior to entering the theater. Seating in the theater was appropriately socially distanced and the temperature was such that wearing a mask, was not an uncomfortable experience. We felt very safe.


With regard to the show. We were not sure what to expect. Our initial expectation was that there would be a back and forth political dialogue, what we experienced, however, was what can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster that cuts to the heart of what we experience in our own families and in our community of friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. 


The characters cut to heart of so many of our shared experiences with friends and family members that are not always accepting of who we are and how we love.  It also touches on our experiences with many members of our families and friends that we love so much and know on a personal level to be loving people, who due to their own upbringing, family experiences, and personal life experiences hold beliefs and biases that are odds with our very being on some level, but at the same time expose some of our own biases.


This piece of art lays bare so many emotions that I personally have experienced and both characters, though, at opposite ends of a belief system and life experiences, touched me at my core and brought tears to my eyes. You could really feel each of their individual pain. The actors were amazing and so nuanced and the emotions so raw. A truly brilliant piece of art from Ronnie and so perfect for the times we find ourselves in. It truly made me think twice about how I need to approach my own emotions related to current events.


This show is a must see.


Chris and Stefan


I hope you know by now that I’m one of your biggest fans. 
IF I’M GOOD is exactly what theatre is about and should be about.  It’s the immediate and visceral response to the world we’re living in.  I attended with a dear friend who happens to be a Republican and loves your work. 
He felt it was even handed and fair. 
Congratulations on another beautiful artistic contribution to our theatre world. 
Much love,
David Spangler


Deborah Rankin

Bob Bollman

Laura Finley

Herbert Newsome

Kim Nickelson

Karl Gerhard

Daniel Eisenberg

Gary Pedro

Panos Mitos

Bobby Peaco

Jerry Ziertman

David Kistle

Patrick Cuccaro & Archie Sands

Fred Hoyer Johnson Jr.

Dennis St. Jean 

Steve Schwartz

Tom Moran

Kimberly Wood

Paul Lemire

Joelle Nesbit-Diaz

Robert Wilson

Boris Undorf

Stephen Thayer

Thom Wise

Scott Bennett

Jan Kenney

Stephen Eigles

Susie Taylor

Irwin Rosen

Carol Wartenberg

Joe Lonsway

Fernando Barron II

Marty Childers

Michael Wright

Bill Boyd

Bob McKenney

Scott Clearwater & Chris Ambs

Angel J. Burgos 

Michael Ekman

Joe Pallant

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